Ride On Cannon Christmas

Christmas, that magical time of year for many kids and just the opposite for those that don’t know if Santa will come or not. Ride On Cannon Foundation is dedicated to helping as many kids as we can.

With your donation we can ensure their Christmas wishes come true. In addition with your help we will relieve some of the stress and guilt off of the parent, that through no fault of their own, cannot provide Christmas for their child/children this year.

Along with their gifts we also want to make sure each child receives a warm jacket, new shoes, hats, gloves, clothes, and other necessities such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap etc.  Because of your donations we were blessed to have sponsored 19 deserving children this past year and we hope to do more this Christmas. The average cost to sponsor a child is $200 this will cover the cost of gifts and warm clothes and new shoes for the winter.