Ride On Cannon Memorial Event

Where the Foundation Began

August 2020, Cannon Hinnant, a five year old boy who had his whole life ahead of him, was deliberately shot and killed outside of his home in Wilson North Carolina while he was riding his bicycle. Having lost a son of my own I immediately felt this families grief and my question was, “Why?” He was riding his bike, just being a kid. What could he have possibly done so wrong that his neighbor, a grown man, would walk up and shoot him in the head. I felt the need to do something so I started a Facebook group Ride On Cannon. I asked people to donate bicycles, my idea was to hold a small event and give away bikes to other kids in Cannons memory. The idea just organically grew and took a life of its own.

This was our first event, and it took off with a life of its own. Monetary donations started pouring in, we put up a billboard on I 95 in Richmond Virginia, bands volunteered to play, vendors and food trucks signed up, local and corporate businesses started donating gift cards to be raffled up to raise money for the family.

We had a Ride On Cannon Memorial event much bigger than ever expected. One of our group members even paid for rooms at a hotel so Cannon’s father, Stepmom and Grandmothers could attend. Before I knew it bicycles started showing up at my door, pick up order started to come in, Cases of water and kid drinks were being donated and delivered ,the Facebook group was now at over 2000 people. We were able to bring community and families together to remember a special little boy. The day of the event was magical the community donated a total of 54 bicycles that were given away to 54 deserving children of all ages. We were able to raise another $5000 in corporate donations. From that day forward I wanted to do more so I started a foundation in Cannon’s name this way his light could continue to shine and bring joy to other children.

We will be holding a second annual memorial event in September and your donation will help us reach our goal of 100 bicycles and helmets to be given away to 100 kids that just want to be kids.